1. ART OF JUST BEING (15 mins read)

    21 May 2020
    EVERYDAY TRICKS TO CONNECT YOU TO A PRESENT MOMENT Image credits: John Blanding ARE YOU REALLY HERE? The above photo was taken during Black Mass premiere in Brooklyn and it quickly went viral. Why? What does it make you feel? I remember siting in the café and scrolling my Instagram…

  2. WHY AM I LEAVING SOCIAL MEDIA (10-15 mins read)

    14 May 2020
    A (social media) story about how I fell out of love with people and myself I took this photo in an art show in Dubai, but unfortunaly lost the name of the author. It was a massive painting and it moved me. I WILL MEASURE YOUR WORTH WITH THE NUMBER


    12 May 2020
    Pijo Photography WHEN THE WORLD SENDS US TO OUR ROOMS AND MAKES US THINK ABOUT OUR BEHAVIOUR.    Today marks 60th day of being stuck home since Colombian government announced a full lockdown, sponsored and brought to us by Covid-19. When the first wave of ‘What the actual fuck?’ hit…