Who am I?

Visual artist. Art director. Photographer.  Always looking for stories that inspire change.

My journey with creative arts started in 2009 in London, where I studied acting, directing, creative writing and media. This is also where I fell in love with photography, starting with portraits and fashion editorials that I was lucky to get published in international magazines. After completing my Master's degree, I moved to Middle East (Dubai and Doha), where I spent almost 6 years building my businesses of instant and professional photography. And after selling my first company, Dream Machine, I decided to learn the art of film making.

At the age of 28 my wildest dream came true and I ended up in Medellín, Colombia which now I am happy to call home. My first Colombian business (Coco Eventos)  is ready and I am putting my attention back to my art. Currently, I am working on creating a creative agency that will combine all my greatest passions: story telling, visual arts, business and marketing. My dream is to persuade my clients to dig deeper and use the power of their brands to change the market for the better. No more manipulative advertising which only goal is to sell more- 

I believe that in the world that feels more lost than ever and doesn't know where to look for the answers- cinema, marketing- they are the ones who have the power to change the world by telling stories that inspire us to be better.

How do I work?

If you let me, I would like to dive deeper and get to know YOU- because it’s you and your story that makes your brand unique. I want you to understand the power of having a successful brand and use this power to do amazing things. Marketing is change. And the only way you will last is if you are brave enough to be the change as well. Don’t do what everybody else is doing. Be different. I want to challenge you into bringing as much value possible to your customers and fans beyond the sexy instagram content. And of course, it won’t be easy nor quick, but nothing that lasts forever ever is, am I right?

If that sounds good, get in touch and let me know how I can I help.

My PhotoBooth Business (Coco Eventos, Medellín)

If  you have a brand and are looking to organize an amazing activation or you have a private event coming up, get in touch to hear more about our instant photography company here in Medellín, Colombia <3 



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